[Scummvm-devel] Request for developer access

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Tue Nov 9 14:04:04 CET 2004

Second mail on project membership, this time talking about Jerome 
a.k.a. KingGuppy, regarding his MT32 emu work.

Am 06.11.2004 um 22:30 schrieb Jerome Fisher:

> Hi all,

Hi Jerome!

> Over the past few weeks, I've been thoroughly reworking the MT-32
> emulator originally written by Canadacow. The new version is much
> cleaner, and has innumerable improvements and bug fixes.

Good to hear! Not that I could verify this, it runs too slow on my 1.5 
Ghz G4 mac (actually, it's probably not too slow, this is a latency 
problem which possibly could be fixed by doing double buffering, but I 
digress :-).

> This new version of of the emulator has just been committed by sev. I'd
> like to be added as a developer to the ScummVM project (my username on
> SF.net is kingguppy) in order to maintain it, and I'm interested in
> working on other areas of ScummVM in future. I will discuss any areas
> I'm interested in working on in advance.

That sounds very good. I already talked to Jerome about this; one thing 
I was curious about was why exactly he wants to be added, considering 
he plans to make an external MT32 emu library; if we used the MT32 emu 
as an external lib, there would be no direct need to add him as a dev 
to ScummVM. But apparently Jerome has some interest in working on other 
areas (like Amiga music support), too, and so far the work he sent in 
looks good to me (on the surface at least, I didn't dig too deep :-).

> I have many years of experience with team development - primarily using
> CVS for VC and IRC/email for communication - so I know how to behave 
> and
> won't break anything. I have around 18 years of programming experience
> in a wide variety of languages, and strong familiarity with a large
> range of platforms.

Sounds good to me. The most important part for me is the "I will 
discuss any areas I'm interested in working on in advance" bit anyway 
-- I don't mind everybody fixing bugs anywhere, and working on 
everything -- but as I said in the mail to LordHoto, of course major 
changes to global functionality like OSystem should always be cleared 
with the rest of the team. Obviously, Jerome is aware of all that.

So, I have no problems with adding him as a dev, too. Formally, we need 
somebody to vouch for him. Eugene, maybe you want to do that? If that's 
the case, and if nobody objects, I can add Jerome ASAP.

> I hope this is sufficient information; I'm regularly hanging around on
> #scummvm now if you have any questions.
That's always a good bonus for any ScummVM developer of course :-)



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