[Scummvm-devel] Walkthrough dialog ?!?

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Sat Nov 20 04:40:02 CET 2004

Am 20.11.2004 um 07:25 schrieb Pawel Kolodziejski:

>> On Sat, Nov 20, 2004 at 06:52:56AM +0100, Pawel Kolodziejski wrote:
>>>> So, what is this new "walkthrough dialog" stuff? It looks like it
>>> might
>>>> display a dialog showing a walkthrough text, for certain games. Is
>>> that
>>>> guess right?
>>> yes, that is.
>> Could you explain the reasoning behind adding it?
> Because it's very usefull(very shortcut to walkthrough source) while
> playing game.
A calculator would be useful, too. And an email client: I'd be able to 
check my mail while playing ScummVM. Hey,  and how about adding an 
"auto-play" button. It'd take the heavy burden of having to actually 
play the adventure from you, by solving it automatically and 
step-by-step. Wouldn't that be useful? It'd be an interesting AI 
research project, too...
And don't forget the instant-win-hotkey, which automatically makes you 
win the game you're playing.

Seriously: if you want a walk through, you can just save & quit; or, on 
most system, press Alt-Return to switch ScummVM to window mode, then 
surf to a walkthrough; or you can simply print out a walkthrough.
I see no reason to provide it "at your fingertips". Some specific 

* It strays to far from the goals & spirit of ScummVM, IMNSHO. This 
alone is for me a strong motivation to be against it.
* The added value is relatively small, if not nonexistent, to many 
* As stated above, if people want a walkthrough, there are many other 
ways to get/read one.
* To quote Ori (I fully agree with him): "I wouldn't want a solution 
for a puzzle to be a button
away. It's too tempting.". That's what I mean with against the spirit.

Personally, I'd vote for removing this. It's the cup holder add-on of 
computer game emulation system.



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