[Scummvm-devel] Licensing Kyra ADL player under LGPL for the AdPlug Project

Simon Peter dn.tlp at gmx.net
Thu Aug 10 11:45:16 CEST 2006


I couldn't follow the beginning of the discussion, as I just joined the
list and SF.net's mailing list archives have some problems catching up.
I'm sorry if there is any duplication of things that have already been

My main reason for having the Kyra player LGPL'd is that AdPlug's main
user base is using it as a Winamp plugin and Winamp is proprietary
software. That is also the only reason why AdPlug itself is LGPL'd,
since GPL code may not be linked to proprietary software.

All the other code in AdPlug currently is LGPL'd and while I could
still compile versions of AdPlug with the Kyra player in them (since
linking GPL with LGPL code is permissive, AFAIK), users may not legally
use those with Winamp or any other proprietary software. I would
effectively have to maintain two separate versions, with one of them
having the Kyra player removed, or probably lose my main user base.

I would be very thankful if the ADL player could be LGPL'd. This would
take a lot of maintenance burden off my shoulders.


> A little update Simon Peter will write a followup about the reasons
> why it would be nice for him,  I hope he does it soon.
> // Johannes
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