[Scummvm-devel] Simplifying keyboard repeat

Marcus Comstedt marcus at mc.pp.se
Tue May 16 10:38:50 CEST 2006

"Max Horn" <max at quendi.de> writes:

> But this shortcut is highly platform dependant, isn't it? Most of our
> targets (including the Dreamcast, I believe?) don't even have a ctrl or an
> A key.

All Dreamcast keyboards (the Japanese one, the US one, and the
European one) have both a Ctrl key (two actually), and an A key.
If you press them together, an Event with kbd.flags == KBD_CTRL and
kbd.keycode == kbd.ascii == 'a' will be generated.  What's platform
dependent about that?  Sure, not everyone has a keyboard for their
Dreamcast, but so what?  How will those people be helped by having the
ctrl-a code duplicated in backends/sdl and backends/dc instead of in a
central place?

> Again, could you state a bit more specifically what it would make
> convenient? What specific usage patterns / features do you have in mind?
> Looking at the SDL backends pollEvent and comparing it to the DC one, I
> see virtually nothing that seems like duplicate code... ?!?

That's because I haven't implemented Ctrl-a or key-repeat in the DC
backend as I think it should be part of the platform independent

  // Marcus

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