[Scummvm-devel] ScummVM 0.9.0 "The OmniBrain loves you" release plans

Eugene Sandulenko sev at scummvm.org
Sat May 27 16:11:14 CEST 2006

Hi Team,

Finally I got some time to review testing guidelines, which means that
we are starting our release procedure.

The news about testing have been posted to the main site and to our

The guidelines have been changed, and most significant addition is that
each game should be tested at least twice, so testing time is extended.

I still have to go through our buglist and determine release critical
bugs, however I do not expect many of them. Also I will post a periodic
updates as I did with previous releases, so, please, keep me informed.

I'm not announcing feature freeze for a week, so be hurry if you have
something big to commit. Of course, as usual, this does not relate to
engines which will be disabled in the release or ports, however I
encourage you to devote your time to let the release go smoothly.

It would be really nifty if we would havenumber of bugreports
lesser than 100 at the release time. For 0.8.0 we managed to go down to
54 before we got crowds of v1/nes game problems which still hang there.

The engines/games which will not go into release are:

 o Kyra2/Kyra3
 o Gob2
 o Cine engine
 o Lure engine
 o AGI engine

After we branch 0.9.0, disable those targets completely.

The release schedule is this (as usual it's not put into stone):

Sunday, May 28th - testing starts

  o Release testing starts.
     We watch new bugs reported and try to fix them asap
  o Porters try to fix their ports so we will have them all in our

Sunday, May 4th - feature freeze

  o Feature freeze. No big new code should be committed. Commits
    allowed only to fix bugs or to improve ports (backends directory)

Sunday, June 11th - branching

  o Release branch.
  o Since that bugfixes should be posted to both branches
  o Trunk gets unfrozen

Wednesday, June 21st - tagging

  o Release tagging. Documentation updated, tarball created
  o Porters start to submit their builds

Sunday, June 25th - release

  o Release date
  o Release announced on usual set of news sites
  o Website updated

We have almost a month, so, I'd like to ask specifically porters to
look into your ports in this timeframe, so we will not decrease number
of official ports, and have all of them released in time.


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