[Scummvm-devel] GOB2 MD5 sum

Stefan Dirsch sndirsch at suse.de
Sun May 28 04:18:02 CEST 2006


When starting my german 3-disk DOS floppy version of Gobliins 2 I get:

  Unknown MD5 (a13892cdf4badda85a6f6fb47603a128)! Please report the 
  details (language, platform, etc.) of this game to the ScummVM team

Find an appropriate patch, which fixes this issue, for SVN
(2006-05-28) attached. Anyone who can submit it?

At least the intro (including sound) works for me now, the story text
is not shown yet. The characters (called Fingus/Winkle in the german
version) in the game itself cannot be controlled yet and the menu is
not available, so it's not playable at the moment. But I think this is
a known issue, and is one of the reasons, why gob2 support won't be
enabled in 0.9.0.

Best regards,

Public Key available
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