[Scummvm-devel] Release status

Arisme arisme at free.fr
Tue May 30 02:22:01 CEST 2006

Max Horn wrote:
> Am 30.05.2006 um 09:48 schrieb Joost Peters:
>>> Porters, I heard almost no word so far. Please, report your status.
>> The PSP port is basically ready to go, I plan to release a test  build 
>> in a couple of days and hope to get some feedback on the new  
>> launcher/overlay resolution so I can decide on which one to use for  
>> the release.
> Very good. I would like to warmly recommend to *all* porters to make  
> some test builds based on the release branch available *before* the  
> release, to get lots of feedback on all those smallish problems, and  
> then get those fixed *before* the release :-).

Well, I have not been touching the WinCE port for a long time now, but I 
noticed that Kostas & n0p are working on it, so that's fine for our 
users :)

Btw if Kostas wants to step ahead and become the official WinCE 
maintainer I won't object it, because I think it's better to have an 
active maintainer that one with just enough time to review the code when 
a build comes close, pretty much what I'm doing now. If he doesn't wish 
to do so, I'll keep on reviewing submitted patches of course :)



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