[Scummvm-devel] Release status

Pawel Kolodziejski pablo at omega.xtr.net.pl
Tue May 30 12:55:03 CEST 2006

> Aquadran, how is your OPIE port? Is it stable enough?

This build is stable and it's comparable to status of generic SDL port.
But I should clarify things about this build.
It's compiled without any changes to scummvm sources, it use shared SDL
library in Familiar/Opie environment.
So it should run on any Intel xscale PDA with SDL and Opie.
But as I wrote note about this build, it's exclusivly for two PDA.
It is because I did customisations/fixes for SDL library which are not
official, and only available for that palmtops (proper fullscreen, gfx
rotation, downscaling high resolutions, zooming, virtual keyboard,
Without this changes scummvm is really hard for use in Opie.
So, it's not generic port for Opie environment. First time I wanted create
generic Opie port from scratch whihtout SDL, but after review Opie SDL
situation I decided reuse library (scummvm is not only one which use SDL).
I don't have currently in plans create generic one, but maybe in future...
For now I have in mind do some Intel Xscale speed optimisations.


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