[Scummvm-devel] ScummVM 0.13.0 has been released. 0.13.1 plans

Pawel Kolodziejski aquadran at xtr.net.pl
Mon Mar 2 07:25:55 CET 2009

On 2009-03-02, at 01:13, Henrik Engqvist wrote:

> Hello
> I thought I should comment on this. The specs right now on the VM is
> Debian etch 32bit, 256mb ram, 2.33Ghz and 10GB HD. I just set it up so
> you could test it. Yes, there could be more VMs used. The host has 4GB
> ram and enough hd. It also has 1 Gb connection to the Internet.

Not much ram and hd you spare. you not precise how much cores cpu  
have, it's important for such tasks like build system.
you said you can increase hd, ok. but host 4gb ram might be not enough  
if you compile in parallel and for additional stuff.
In my opinion only net connection is suitable.
And I would go for some hosting services as Max suggesting (but I  
don't know how much hosting vm you can get with 100$/per month).
Also for physical maintenance reasons too, hardware fails, power  
blackout, etc.
Same with splitting services in two at least vm for security also.

> /Qvist
>>> On Sun, 1 Mar 2009 11:09:38 -0500
>>> Max Horn <max at qu...> wrote:
>>>> * Besides implementing all that automated testing, we need a build
>>>> server. This server could serve two purposes:
>>> ....
>>>> sufficient GSoC money to rent a good server now, we could even
>>>> afford $100/month for some time
>>> We already have a nicely set up VM with enough resources donated by
>>> qvist. Why not use that? We have root access to it. It is planned to
>>> move our private SVN repo there as well as the planet and doxygen,
> as
>>> they still sit on that old physical server.
>> It wasn't clear to me that we could use it that way, for heavy duty
>> workload. Does it have enough RAM and CPU power, as well as HD space
>> (let's say 10-20 GB) ? Also, several porters would require some
>> access, to setup and maintain their build chains. Oh, and if we want
>> to use it to offer daily builds of our ports, then a lot of traffic
>> might result from that, too..
>> And shouldn't it be in a separate VM, for security reasons?
>> Finally, well -- having the machine is only one step. Setting up the
>> build system still requires "someone" to get it started. Several
>> porters agreed to help with it, but the basic infrastructure has to
> be
>> setup:
>> * Which software to use? (buildbot is my recommendation at this
> point,
>> but whoever does the work gets to decide)
>> * There should be some kind of "design" for the setup of the box.
> I.e.
>> don't just setup everything in a chaotic ad-hoc manner, or it will
>> soon get a nightmare to maintain. Instead, decide where source
>> checkouts are made, how to setup port build scripts, where to store
>> builds, etc.
>> Bye,
>> Max
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