[Scummvm-devel] PS2 #4 : GUI : fonts size & label alignment : nice

sunmax at libero.it sunmax at libero.it
Mon Mar 2 06:56:20 CET 2009

Do we have auto-centering of the labels in the widgets?

I am asking cause some of them look perfectly centered
("Quit", "Load"), some others like ("Start") slightly
shifted on one side. It would be nice to be consistent.

Couple more things in the Edit Game menu:

Id and Name font entries (eg. the label "samnmax" and
the full name underneath) are printed in a font bigger
than all other ones, and do not seem to fit.

The full name is shifted to the left. If we have to
truncate it, it would be nice to truncate on right.

The "English" and "Dos" label looks misplaced toward
the top and they are not at the same height as
"Language" and "Platform" as I would assume they
should be.

Thanks for looking!
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