[Scummvm-devel] PS2 #12 : user-friendliness : autosave : nice

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Mon Mar 2 16:08:23 CET 2009

==  #12 : user-friendliness : autosave : nice

> Why is slot 0 shown when there is no autosave (yet) ?

There is no deeper reason, I think. That's how it is implemented.

== PS2 #13 : user-friendliness : resume a game : nice
You ask whether there is a way to "make the in-game menu (GMM) go  
away" via code, instead of pressing the "Resume" button. The answer  
is: No, this is currently not possible. File a feature request if you  
want it. One quick idea on how to implement it: We could change the  
way we handle EVENT_MAINMENU, and make it toggler the GMM, so if it is  
sent a second time, the GMM is hidden. But that require some work, so:  
File a FR :).

== PS2 #16 : games : labial sync : nice

> On some games (eg. Sam'n'Max) the speech and the labial animation
> on screen appears to be out-of-sync. Not sure if it was like this
> in the original, or if it's a PS2 specific issue, etc. Ideas?

This might be due to a slow machine. I somehow never could reproduce  
any of the bug reports we got on lip sync issues in sam&max in the  
past couple years. In some places, it looks out of sync but isn't. The  
most common cause, though, is that the subtitle speed for those people  
was set wrong, causing the subtitles to linger for a long time and  
thus resulting in a seemingly "out-of-sync" effect. Try increase the  
subtitle speed, that might help.

== #17 : games : BS1 savegames : nice

> Some ASCII (eg '0') in the BS1 save game name overlap with each  
> other. Maybe was like this in the original game too. Dunno.

Frankly, I neither understand what the problem is supposed to be, nor  
what the question is :).


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