[Scummvm-devel] Understaffing

Sven Hesse drmccoy at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Mar 4 20:04:18 CET 2009

On 2009-03-04 14:56:06 +0100, Joost Peters wrote:
> Gee, no-one has an opinion on this? :)
> Guys, the question is real simple: Do you think this idea has any merit? 
>   If not, why?  And what do you think would help improve the situation?
> The lack of responses only confirms the theory that beyond their own 
> corner of ScummVM, most people hardly feel responsible for the other 
> things to do with the project.

Truth be told, I guess that's true for me. I do not feel responsible
for all the bigger organizational things, because I've seen Max and
Eugene manage all these things I could never ever do myself.

I've always been glad that they did all that stuff and I'm sorry if
that lead to frustration on your, Max's, Eugene's, *'s part.

And I'm also sorry if I let you belief that I don't care. I do care and I
do greatly appreciate everything you've done for ScummVM. I just
tend to stay passive in conversations where I don't feel I have anything
to contribute (except "What he said!", but that's kinda vacuous).
I still love following these and feel strongly about them.

> Which is why, in my opinion, it would be 
> good to have people with specific responsibilities that you can 
> approach, rather than expecting the leads to do everything (which is 
> what it boils down to right now), and wearing them down in the process.
> Joost Peters schreef:
> > Max,
> > 
> > As others have already said; you are one of the few people on the team 
> > with a clear and outspoken vision for ScummVM, and it is really what has 
> > shaped and propelled the project forward when most people (like myself) 
> > were indifferent.

I totally agree on that point.
Max's and Eugene's work on ScummVM has been amazing. 

> > I believe there needs to be leadership, a "vision", and it would be an 
> > incredible loss if you were to stand down.

Yes, I agree here too. I really, really hope it won't come to that.

> > What I think might help -and plenty of other projects do this as well- 
> > is finding dedicated people who are responsible for certain aspects of 
> > the project.

This sounds like a good idea to me.

While we're at that point, I'd like to volunteer for helping Eugene with the
GSoC organization, if you Max stand by your decision to not admin this year.

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