[Scummvm-devel] Understaffing (Was: What is happening to the ScummVM team?)

Joost Peters joostp at 7fc1.org
Thu Mar 5 16:00:18 CET 2009

Eugene Sandulenko schreef:
> On Wed, 04 Mar 2009 22:06:51 +0100
> Oystein Eftevaag <wintermute at geheb.com> wrote:
>> In the interest of getting more people volunteering, though, I'd make 
>> the "roles" as atomic as possible. Being webmaster in general -might-
>> be seen as too much, but dividing it into several roles (e.g. forums,
>> front page, screenshot gatherer, etc) could be more overcomeable.
> Ugh. Guys, you're missing the point of herding all of these people. We
> will have to teach them, watch their work, ping them in case of
> problems. After all, keep list of them.
> If there will be an army of folks responsible for 5 minutes task each,
> overheads on managing them will overcome benefits of their help.

Yes, having just a screenshot-resizer role would be quite useless.  We'd 
need to find some middle ground.

Eugene/Max, are you happy with me writing a news item (in the next day 
or so)?  Generally making people aware that there are things they can do 
to help ScummVM, if they are interested.

This would briefly mention the areas we could use help with, such as 
documentation/manual (non-developers), OpenTasks (mostly developers) and 
maybe some other areas dealing with system administration.
For the latter, we could still put the bar very high (perhaps requiring 
a proven track record with some other high profile open source project), 
and simply keep doing it ourselves if no-one suitable steps up.  "Niet 
geschoten is altijd mis", as we say over here. ;)

If we choose to do this, then I would also be happy to do the initial 
screening of candidates, so it does not put an extra burden on the 
leads, or we simply let them post on the forum and/or -devel, and we all 
do the screening.

And who knows, having a news item with a call for help may even be 
favourable for the GSoC selection procedure. :)

Let me know what you think.

Btw.  Thanks all for your feedback, even if it was just to say you agree 
with the points made by someone else, it's good to hear what you all think.


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