[Scummvm-devel] Understaffing (Was: What is happening to the ScummVM team?)

vEX vex at niechift.com
Thu Mar 5 19:29:08 CET 2009

Joost Peters wrote:
> Hi Fredrik,
> So far it seems fine on Safari, although I've not tested in-depth. 
> There's a small problem on the downloads page, but that also happens 
> with other browsers apparently.  I've attached a screenshot to the 
> tracker item.

Great, I'll check it out. And I just remembered that there is a Windows port of 
Safari, have to install that one.

>> I think more people would be compelled to test it if was up and 
>> running on some web host. As it is now anyone wishing to try it out 
>> must set up a local http deamon with PHP and configure it as such.
> Yeah, no doubt. :)
>> Perhaps if someone took it upon him to keep an updated version using 
>> the "Developer Web" that SourceForge provides for team members.
> Is this something you or I could do?  Maybe I should read up on exactly 
> what this is...

Well, for me to be able to do it I would have to be a team member of a 
SourceForge project, which I am not. But I wouldn't mind doing it if you guys 
feel like making me a temporary (and perhaps joining later on..) member.

> The website will probably not need much maintenance, but if there are 
> bugs/issues it'd be nice if they could be assigned to a specific person 
> on the tracker (ideally the one who wrote it :)), who then looks into 
> them as time permits.

That sounds reasonable for me.

Max Horn wrote:
 > So, yeah, I'd like to see somebody act as "webmaster" (or 2 guys,
 > whatever). The task would be to monitor the website for problems (e.g.
 > run a HTML validator or a link checker once a month, or something like
 > that); feel responsible for fixing bugs on the site as they get
 > reported (broken links, outdated FAQ items), adding new game
 > screenshots as they get submitted, that kind of stuff. You don't have
 > to do it all by yourself (e.g. maybe you don't know how to correct
 > that wrong FAQ entry), but then the webmaster would try to get
 > somebody to help with it.

Well, since I'm already working on the re-write I might as well volunteer. After 
all, if (and I certainly hope that you read it as when) the re-write is going 
live I'll be the one who knows most about the code. *But*, as you've most likely 
have noticed I'm short on time during weekdays, that's the reason I'd like to 
have a second person incase something really urgent comes up.

I am planning on doing some documentation of the website, so hopefully anyone 
could dive in and fix urgent matters, should it be needed.

I hope I didn't miss any comments meant for me in the other mails, I don't have 
time to read all the e-mails. I'm amazed that you guys do!


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