[Scummvm-devel] GSoC 2009

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Tue Mar 10 23:02:02 CET 2009

Hi folks,

regarding the OpenGL task: this was a copy from a rough sketch of an  
idea listed on the talks page. Of course it is bullocks in its current  
form. I just was hoping that it might inspire "someone" to write a  
proper task proposal based on it ... :-)

* Yes, it should be possible to disable OpenGL mode in case a system  
has OpenGL but broken (although I wonder how likely that is these days).
* In particular, ideally no features would be lost, and this would be  
fully integrated with the existing SDL backend, and use the SDL  
wrappers around OpenGL, and if no OpenGL is available or it is  
disabled, fall back to the current code path. And maybe make it  
possible to turn it off during compile time. Or better: Finally factor  
out the code that is shared by the "regular" SDL backend, the WinCE  
backend and the SymbianOS backend. Put this into a common base class.  
Then, add the OpenGL code only to the "regular" SDL backend, so that  
WinCE and SymbianOS can continue to work w/o OpenGL.
* The requirement for it to work with OpenGL ES certainly seems like a  
good idea. But can this be verified / tested on regular desktop PCs? I  
think the task description would have to elaborate a little bit on  
this part.
* add whatever you think fits in. Cook up a nice description for the  
task. Add it to the wiki :)


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