[Scummvm-devel] GSoC 2009

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Tue Mar 10 23:08:16 CET 2009

Am 10.03.2009 um 09:25 schrieb Johannes Schickel:

> Max Horn schrieb:
>> 1) I would like to have another go at a generic decompiler. This time
>> we'd mentor more aggressively, and insist on clear documentation for
>> everything, immediately, and not after the fact. Also, I would  
>> suggest
>> we ask for a decompiler for stack based VMs, as that seems to be what
>> a majority of our engines are, and we have no decent decompiler for
>> those yet.
>> I'd be willing to mentor or co-mentor (maybe LordHoto, too?), and
>> would this time try to verify *during GSoC* that the code is
>> understandable and that I feel I could continue work on it should the
>> student vanish.
> Yeah would be really nice to have. Also this time taking stack based  
> VMs
> into the task would be an good idea IMHO. I have no problem if you  
> would
> want to be mentor for that. I could happily join as a co-mentor if you
> want one.

I guess we can figure out who mentors or co-mentors once/if we have  
applicants for such a task. Ideally, I wouldn't mind if both of us  
worked together on this. BTW, many GSoC projects assign two mentors to  
a students.

> I actually have some dekyra code around, which tries to be an simple &
> stupid decompiler, but it has far too many problems (apart from having
> ugly code ;-) to be committed into SVN. I doubt it will be of much  
> use,
> but maybe I could send it to a (possible) student, so he could at  
> least
> check out all of our current 'decompilers', to get a bit into  
> different
> VMs we support.

Well, we can give them all code we have, point them at free games that  
have stack based engines, make sure they can get script dumps easily  
so that they don't waste a week trying to figure out how to dump stacks

Also, I just found this excellent reference site: <http://www.program-transformation.org/Transform/DeCompilation 
 >. Wish I had known about it earlier (resp. wish it had existed  
earlier ;).


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