[Scummvm-devel] Wiki Per Game Compatibility by Platform

Travis Howell kirben at optusnet.com.au
Thu Mar 12 06:12:53 CET 2009

MetaFox wrote:
>> kirben wrote:
>> Switch the Supported Engines by Platform table at
>> http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/Platforms/Overview to a table listing all
>> games, instead of all game engines. That would be the best idea, to provide
>> more information and definitely isn't overkill.
>> When people try a port of ScummVM, they want to know all the games that can
>> be played on that particular port. Listing via game engines is simply
>> confusing and misleading, even for developers. Since a game engine can be
>> supported but not all the games (due to memory or screen resolution
>> requirements, or other issues).
> Maybe if we separate the list by engines, then by games?  I put up a
> table here: http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/User:MetaFox#Test_Bed

I don't see the point in listing the game engines at all, considering we 
currently have three game engines (AGOS, SAGA, SCUMM) with optional 
games. Along with games that might not work on particular platforms, as 
I mentioned above.

> I wanted to keep it easy to read at lower resoultions.  I use
> 1024x768, which is probably at the low end of the spectrum on today's
> computers, and the table doesn't need to scroll, so the information
> doesn't look as cluttered to me.

Yes, using rows for games, and columns for the platforms looks much 
better, while keeping the table more compact.

I think a single entry per game would be fine, only listing critical 
issues specific to each ScummVM port, that effect game play. Otherwise 
you would end up with extremely long list (ie Amiga, Apple IIE, AtariST, 
Commodore 64, NES, DOS V1, DOS V2 for Maniac Mansion). And duplicate 
information already available in the compatbility list on the web page.

An alternative idea:
* Drop the compatibility list on the web site, instead link (as 
Supported Games?) to this game/platform table page.
* Merge the current compatibility information, into the game specific 
pages on the wiki.

That would mean users can easily tell which games are completable and 
supported on each port of ScummVM, by looking at a single page. And can 
simply click on game or platform links, for more detailed information 
about a game or port of ScummVM.

While we can centralise information for each game and port of ScummVM, 
on their specific pages on the wiki. Without duplicating information 
(compatibility information in this case), available elsewhere.

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