[Scummvm-devel] ScummVM goes buildbot

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Mon Mar 16 17:24:18 CET 2009

Am 16.03.2009 um 11:22 schrieb Kostas Nakos:

> Max Horn wrote:
>> So on the long run, it still would still be nice to use
>> configure for as many ports as possible. But for now, we should try  
>> to
>> go for the most pragmatic solution.
> Right, that was the essence of my question. Whether we want eventually
> for configure to absorb setup code for all backends, or do we prefer  
> the
> distributed Makefile approach, as it is now. Both should be possible  
> in
> conjunction with buildbot.

The two are not necessarily mutually exclusive. As I suggested to  
Andre and Joost on IRC last night, you could use the  
"add_line_to_config_mk" function in configure to add a statement like
   include $(srcdir)/backends/platform/wince/FOOBAR.mk
to load whatever custom rules you need on WinCE.

We could also consider stripping down the current Makefile a bit (in  
particular, move the set of warnings specified there, or make them  
conditional), to cause less "pain" for porter's custom build  
requirements. We simply need some feedback from porters on what they  
need :).

> I'll try to migrate to configure, pending Andre's comments of course.



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