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Priority: 5
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Submitted By: Johannes Schickel (lordhoto)
Assigned to: Max Horn (fingolfin)
Summary: BUILD: Plugin building cleanup

Initial Comment:
This patch aims at improving our plugin building.
It changes some things:

- Remove dependency on $(EXECUTABLE) while building plugins on Linux and FreeBSD, this prevents relinking of plugins when changing sources inside the main ScummVM codebase. For changes on the API (that means: in header files included in the engines code), the plugins are rebuild anyway, so it didn't look reasonable to relink the plugins when none of those had been touched but some other code inside the main ScummVM sources.

- Added 'wrapper' API for zlib (check common/zlib.[h/cpp]), this allows us to remove the need for plugins to link against libz, which was needed on some platforms (Win32/MinGW for example). Since I don't have access to a system with MinGW currently someone with MinGW should test it, but theoretically it should work.

I'm assigning this to Fingolfin since he's in charge of our build system. The part about MinGW should be more interesting for Kirben as builder for the Win32 binaries though. Still I would like to know what you think of adding such a 'wrapper' for zlib.


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