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Submitted By: Tobias Gunkel (tobigun)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Indy3 (FM-Towns): Series IQ-Points

Initial Comment:
This patch addresses feature request [1666521] (INDY3: IQ Points request). It is similar to the patch posted on the page but is meant to be used with the original save-dialog (started by Alt-F5). 

This patch also adds load-support for savegames via the original save-dialog. This is done by copying the savegame-names into the appropriate string-slots 10-23. 

The Series IQ is saved whenever you push the LOAD button in the Alt-F5 dialog. This matches exactly the behaviour of the original SCUMM-interpreter. If you want to add the IQ-points of a game to the series IQ you have to load the game and then call the save-dialog again and press LOAD. This might sound strange but it 
The same applies if you start Indy3 and want to see the series IQ. At first it just shows the episode IQ (most probably 0). You have to press LOAD and then the Series IQ will be calculated and shown.

Also see my other patches that add save-support for the save-dialog. With these patches the IQ is additionally saved whenever you save a game (SAVE-button).

Please remark that Zak256 tries to load data in resource slot 9 (the IQ-slot) without using the data. Probably because it was based on Indy256 and the programmers forgot to remove the line where the IQ is loaded. Zak256 even doesn't allocate space for slot 9 so a load-request for this slot from Zak256 must be ignored, otherwise you will get a memory access fault.


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