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Submitted By: Runesr (runesr)
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Summary: ScummVM 0.11.0svn PalmOS widescreen, music and button errors

Initial Comment:
The following are experiences using Tungsten T5 and the ScummVM 0.11.0svn PalmOS Port 

I just tested the new 0.11 port, but it seems that it is a bit worse than 0.10. By pressing the hardware "Home" button on my Tungsten T5 that enables widescreen (full screen) in 0.9.1, the picture does try to activate full screen, but the image does not stretch and just adds black bars to the top and bottom of the screen (like watching a 16:10 movie on a 4:3 display - but the image is still 320x200 pixels). Like the 0.10 port everything locks up and I have to do a hard reset (or hold down the 5-way navigator hardware button to do a soft reset). 

Since all buttons worked perfectly in the 0.9.1 release, would it be possible to revert to that configuration, but still keep other advantages of the 0.11 port? 

But there is a bit more to it - on the T5, when you activate the keyboard display (without activating full screen), you get access to the status bar. The status bar has software buttons for "Home", "Find", "Menu", "System info" etc. These buttons work, and "Home" works as pressing the esc button on a PC keyboard, while "Menu" activates the in game menu (letting me load a saved game). So this way the 0.11 port can work - but there is no wide-screen. 
Below these software buttons the Tungsten T5 has hardware buttons for "Home", "Calendar", "Contacts" and "Files", but none of these work in the 0.11 ScummVM PalmOS port. Using the 0.9.1 these button worked perfectly, and pressing "Home" would (de-)activate wide-screen, "Calendar" worked as esc, "Contacts" activated the in-game menu and the 5-way navigator worked as a PC mouse. 

Also sound FX worked fine, but I could not get the music to work in 0.11 (again both music and sound FX worked fine in 0.9.1). 

I will gladly pay 5 euros to Chrilith, if for example Day of the Tentacle and Sam'n Max one day work in wide-screen without crashing, and I hope that many other will do the same (actually I would be happy just to get the 0.9.1 mods fixed so that several games from LucasArts do not crash in cases of vertical scrolling etc.). 

I did like that the 0.11 port had the opportunity to disable autosaves. 

Doing such a port must demand a lot of time and I am grateful that Chrilith keeps releasing new versions - also there are many different models from Palm, so my experiences with Tungsten T5 may differ from experiences using other models. 

The 0.11.0svn and other ScummVM PalmOS ports can be downloaded here: 


So the situation in a nutshell: 

0.11 - vertical scrolling does work and for example Day of the Tentacle no longer crashes. Wide-screen does not work and pressing the "Home" hardware button causes a severe error - making a reset the only option for quitting ScummVM. Music did not work, but Sound FX worked. Many games are supported. 

0.9.1. - vertical scrolling does not work and for example Day of the Tentacle among other LucasArts games crashes horribly in some scenes making it impossible to finish these games. Wide-screen works perfectly. All hardware buttons work perfectly. Both sound FX and music work (at least in the 8 games I have tested). Only few games are supported in the 0.9.1 release compared to 0.11.


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