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Category: Unknown Crash/Other
Group: Bud Tucker
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Private: No
Submitted By: prefix (prefix331)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Stuck in Jail Error

Initial Comment:
ScummVM 0.13.0pre 

So i sat down with my old copy of Bud Tucker in Double Trouble, i copied the required files over to my harddrive, and loaded the game in latest build of scummvm, the game runs very smoothly but after about an hour of gameplay i was sad to run into a critical bug, after doing the whole strip joint act, getting put into jail and escaping again i decided to go back to the strip joint, i was put into a loop and was put into the jail again (same dialogue), unfortunately when i got there i found that it was bugged, the "secret door" was open but could not be entered, i could fill the bucket with water again but i couldn't pour it on Pantsy, because he was altso bugged. So in fact, i was really stuck in the Jail with no way out. This bug can be recreated by escaping the jail and then going back to the strip bar and asking for Lola.

Language: English


I tried providing you with a screensave by recreating the bug however this time around i was unable to create it, for some reason Vera won't let me in the Strip joint now, he says i'm Barred. 

When i got there like in the screenshot provided Bud showed Vera the Polkadot Tie without any fuss and Vera let me in. Perhaps there is some special action you need to take to get to this bug, unfortunately i didn't save the game when i was in the bugged jail, i only took a screenshot..

earlier versions of ScummVM doesn't run this game.


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