[Scummvm-devel] A few questions...

Pigeon pigeon at pigeond.net
Wed Nov 7 14:10:02 CET 2001


Firstly, I'm wondering if there's a document or description regarding the
scumm engine such as file format, versions, operations, etc. If there
isn't, is there any way to know how stuffs work?

Secondly, I'm trying to port the scummvm onto arm linux. So far I've cross
compiled it successfully, but when I run it I got this error:

Error(0:1:0xD): Value 2330 is out of bounds (0,16) msg Local variable %d
out of range(w)!

I am not sure what is the problem it's having, and so I'm not able to
find out what is causing that yet. Strigeus suggested it might be
an endian issue, but I've checked and it's running little endian so it
shouldn't be a problem.

Any suggestion?



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