[Scummvm-devel] Problem with alignement with GCC

David Given dg at tao-group.com
Mon Nov 12 05:26:02 CET 2001

On Monday 12 November 2001 13:03, you wrote:
> Well, if you look at my patch, this is EXACTLY what I am fixing in it :-) I
> added a GCC_PACK that is defined as __attribute__((packed(1))) and I added
> it to all the structures between NEED_PACK and END_PACK.

Ah. Oh.

> The 'silently' is VERY ugly IMHO. GCC people should at least have output a
> warning if #pragma pack() is used on GCC builds not supporting this
> feature.

Yup. I do agree with their logic, though; #pragma is, fundamentally, ugly. I 
mean, a statements that C compilers are supposed to ignore if they don't 
understand it? *shudder* Anything's better than that.

> By the way, you need also my second 'packing' patch to have sound (if the
> iPAQ you mention is running Linux of course :-) ).

Well, I do have an iPAQ on my desk, but it's for work purposes only. Sorry. I 
use ScummVM at home on my Intel box to play _MI2_ (and I would play _MI_, but 
ScummVM doesn't understand .LEC files yet).

I don't have a MONSTER.SOU file; the samples seem to be integrated into the 
main MONKEY2.001 file, but nothing gets played.

BTW, is _Monkey Island III_ still SCUMM?

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