[Scummvm-devel] Linux music progress report (with Timidity)

J.Brown (Ender/Amigo) ender at enderboi.com
Mon Nov 19 03:53:10 CET 2001

> Where is this woodstock sequence so that I can check it out ?

The sequence when Dr. Fred is sending them back in time - play the whole
set, and you'll see it looses syncronization fairly badly. I mean, the
'time machine operation' midi plays about when hogie is surfing.

> > The FreeSCI sound server can be a good alternative. Any volunteers to
> > check it?
> Well, before anyone complains, Timidity is only a fallback solution for
> people like me without a wave-table aware sound card. Otherwise, one should
> write directly to /dev/sequencer or whatever (as it is done in the Windoze
> code). BTW, does the synchro even work in Windows before anyone complains
> that my code is bad ?

The synchro is perfect in Windows - the problem isn't your code as such,
it's that Timidity is not responsive enough. Or maybe it's just a
sideeffect of the fact the sound patches are not exactly the same,
which stretch the midi out. When I quit scummvm, Timidity
keeps playing backlogged midi music. However, most people do not have a
wave-table aware card under Linux. I can't get my SBLives wavetable to
work, although the driver supports it, it doesn't work with the Linux
driver on my particually motherboard.

And unfortuantly there are not really any better software players than

> And integrating Timidity in the ScummVM code in NOT a good idea... Timidity
> is rather big and I do not like these 'let's copy the code instead of
> working out an interface' ways of coding...

I agree entirely.

 - Ender

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