[Scummvm-devel] Debianisation

David Given dg at tao-group.com
Mon Nov 19 03:54:01 CET 2001

On Monday 19 November 2001 11:24, you wrote:
> > This means that the upstream source package must be a tar.gz file
> > containing, and this is the important bit, a single directory of the form
> > <packagename>-<version>. Currently ScummVM is distributed in a ZIP file
> > with all the source files in the root.
> I think it's only a matter of repackaging it in a more friendly layout,
> like the one used in the daily CVS snapshots. Having debian files in the
> upstream release would make it easier to generate daily debs as well --
> what's the policy for version numbering in this case?

I don't know. Common sense would suggest that it just has to be given a 
number that would sort properly with all the other numbers. So, CVS builds 
since 0.0.3 could be:


This would allow 0.0.3 to be superseded by the CVS version, and 0.0.4 to 
supersede the CVS version.

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