[Scummvm-devel] Resource problems

Tom Dunstan tommyd at senet.com.au
Wed Nov 21 04:24:10 CET 2001


>>are you familiar with the scummrev tool? (it also contains some scumm
>>resource format specs)
> I've seen it, but never used it. (It's Windows. I'm not.) And I would take a 
> look anyway, but MixNMojo is toast, so I can't.

On this note... can someone make a copy of the latest ScummRev available 
somewhere please? I used to have a version which I swear did more stuff 
than the latest one I've been able to find when I went looking recently 

FYI linux users, I got it working under wine :). You have to copy files 
onto the hdd first, it barfs reading from the cd.


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