[Scummvm-devel] Mac-Port Progress Update

Vasyl Tsvirkunov vasyl at pacbell.net
Thu Nov 22 20:45:02 CET 2001

> 1. Sound... Never did any sound Programming, so I have to work into it.
> 2. Game Launching... As you may know, there is no Command Line in Mac OS
> MacOS is one, but only a few users know how to use it) and it's not very
> Comfortable to Launch the Game by Command Line, so I'm thinking about 2
> to solve it, either a Dialog when you launch ScummVM, where you can enter
> the name of the Game, or a List, which auto-detects the Games installed
> the Current Directory.

The same two problems affect PocketPC port. Despite it being Win32 system,
does not have MIDI implementation. I think we should get some basic sound
using only digital audio, no MIDI, no external tools. I would not mind even
if sound
is not 100% perfect, it cannot possibly be worse than the old SoundBlaster.
PocketPC has some command line but use of it very cumbersome. I just added
dialog. The only problem is that the list of supported game is not well
exposed. There
is that structure version_settings in scummvm.cpp which has enough info to
create nice
game selection dialog on the fly. I would suggest providing the list of game
and file names
through the interface.


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