[Scummvm-devel] sound through opl3 (ym3812) emulation?

Jeroen Janssen japj at darius.demon.nl
Fri Nov 30 05:44:08 CET 2001

> Hello! 
> I've written a imuse player which uses opl3 through fmopl.c which I got from MAME I

> What remains is to make it in sync with the current imuse, since I've made changes to
imuse structures after I wrote the fmopl.c player.
> Best Regards,
> Ludvig Strigeus
> > Here is a good opl2/opl3 emulator:
> > 
> > 	http://adplug.sourceforge.net/

I managed to get a working prototype using adplug some weeks ago (before ludvig committed
the new imuse code - so it's not in sync with the current CVS anymore). The problems I
faced using adplug are:

* I couldn't get adplug to read from memory (so I had to dump the musicfile to disk first
and then letting adplug read the file from disk)
* no imuse like synchronisation

The 'advantage' of using adplug is that can it play music from sam & max (midi if I'm
correct) as well as music from the 'older' games (adl/etc) - like mi2, ij4.
japj at darius.demon.nl

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