[Scummvm-devel] [ANN] MP3 patch for ScummVM

J.Brown (Ender/Amigo) ender at enderboi.com
Fri Mar 1 03:26:02 CET 2002

I see no problem with using 'real C++' in Scumm. As long as all the
various ports can still compile, I say go for it :)

BTW, can you bounce a copy of your converter over? I want to go and put
DOTT on my iPaq :)

 - Ender

>  - before really releasing the patch, I think I could add another level of
>    'configurability' in teh patch. I.e. add a 'compressed type' ID at the start
>    of the .SO3 and then, at run time, choose one decompressor over the other.
>    But to do that cleanly, one would need then to use real C++ in ScummVM (i.e.
>    have the Mixer object have virtual methods for 'mix' and creator /
>    destructor). All the rest (the format of the .SO3 file, the location of the
>    compressed sound in the file) could be shared between compression types.
>            Lionel
> --
> 		 Lionel Ulmer - http://www.bbrox.org/

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