[Scummvm-devel] Re: MorphOS port & big endian system

Ruediger Hanke tomjoad at muenster.de
Sat Mar 16 10:31:02 CET 2002


> Sure.. in fact, I just contacted the ScummAGA author a few days ago about
> merging -his- port in. If you want to send me an e-mail with your latest
> source archive, I'll look into merging it.

I sent you the diffs - let me know if they arrived, please.

A couple of words about the changes ...

Ignore the changes to insane.cpp that bloat up the diffs file. insane.cpp
was basically one huge endian bug and I inserted lots of READ_LE_UNITxx()
and fixed the file read functions (but now they'll work only on big endian
systems!!) to get the videos running. Later someone checked in a version
with lots of blank lines and I couldn't see if and what really changed about
it so I don't know if it's up to date. So this is /not/ for check-in.

The changes to object.cpp and resource.cpp are endian fixes. The change
in resource.cpp fixes a problem with the CD-ROM version of Loom (when
mouse is moved over an object, its icon did not appear at the bottom of
the screen). The change in object.cpp makes The Dig and Full Throttle
work which otherwise overwrite some memory areas (esp. some actor
structures which gave some actors actor #'s like 128 and a costume of
255 and other funny things).

That should really be all endian bugs left in ScummVM (I hope). I own all
of the supported games except Indy 3 256 color, and I check all of them

The rest are my MorphOS changes. It should compile with the SDL interface.
I did write a MorphOS-specific interface, though. It also features special
scaling engines like Super2xSaI etc. and CD-ROM audio (which isn't
possible with the SDL driver since SDL Amiga/MorphOS doesn't support
CD-ROM). I still make frequent changes to it, that's why I didn't include
it. I better submit this when I get something I consider at least halfway

> Also the easiest way to contact us is on IRC - irc.openprojects.net, in
> channel #scummvm.

Good to know.

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