[Scummvm-devel] 0.7.0 release schedule

Marcus Comstedt marcus at mc.pp.se
Wed Dec 8 00:42:00 CET 2004

Max Horn <max at quendi.de> writes:

>> Sure, but I don't see why this has to be in the backend; if you press
>> ctrl-alt-a it is sent back to scummvm so it can be handled by platform
>> independent code.
> It doesn't *have* to be in the backend, but currently it is. But for
> various reasons it's more convenient to have such hotkeys in the
> backend: not all backends offer the same features, so not all hotkeys
> make sense for them;

OTOH, not all features are relevant to all frontends either.
What features the backend offers can be queried through the OSystem
API, but there is no way for the backend to check if the frontend
benefits from a particular feature.

> not all backends even *have* hotkeys (dreamcast
> has no keyboard normally, right?);

It has one if you buy one.  :-)  But generally GUI options are
preferred of course.  Having to access a hotkey through the virtual
keyboard makes it considerably less "hot".

> and if the frontends had to handle
> this, we'd have to make sure that all event loops in all frontends
> handle all the possible hotkeys.

This should just be a question of providing a generalized event
poll function which wraps the one in the backend, filtering out any
relevant hotkeys.  This can be made generic (since the event poll API
is common to all frontends) and shared.

> OTOH, I see no real gain by not handling those in the backend...

Well, I'm just tossing some ideas here.

  // Marcus

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