[Scummvm-devel] CREDITS cleanup

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Mon Dec 20 03:51:05 CET 2004

Am 20.12.2004 um 02:39 schrieb James 'Ender' Brown:


OK, I'll look into this after the 0.7.0 release (anybody else is 
welcome to help, too, of course)

>> 3) Jeremy Newman isn't the webmaster (and hasn't been as long as I can
>> recall), but he did design the current website design, for which he
>> should be credited correctly
> Move him to the Retired list as former webmaster. He was the webmaster
> for a while there, but not very long. When the new site is up, stick
> 'Former Webmaster / V2 Site Designer'.
> I wanted to try and get the new site up to coincide with 0.7.0, but if
> Draven wins  - as it is looking now - that might not be possible since
> his is the only entry there that was Design-only and doesn't include a
> XHTML/CSS template :(

Oh, I thought the deal was for the winning designer to work with us 
together on converting the design to (X)HTML ?

Slightly off-topic: personally I am not so fond of XHTML, for purely 
practical reasons. I'd probably prefer a good & clean "HTML 4.01 
strict" implementation, which is near-XHTML. Reason: in a strict XHTML 
page, even a single typo in the markup will cause the whole page not to 
be rendered in a compliant browser. But I digress, and I'll be happy 
either way (XHTML or HTML)

>> As somewhat related side remark: I consider moving the credits out of
>> the README into a CREDITS or AUTHORS file, like other projects do.
> Good idea.




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