[Scummvm-devel] Text output console on Win32

James 'Ender' Brown ender at scummvm.org
Fri Dec 24 17:42:12 CET 2004

The console window was disabled at one point, and it made bugreporting
irritating.(although stderr/stdout di get redirected to a file if the
console is disabled, most users don't know about it or where it is).

I prefer it there. It WAS more neccessary when the debugger was cmd-line
based, mind you, and a lot of the current error content should be moved
to GUI dialogs. But when walking a clueless user through something, the
console window can be just too essential.

On the other hand, for the next release we also need to clean up the
mentioned warning spews :)

 - Ender

On Sat, 2004-12-25 at 03:54 +0200, Ori Avtalion wrote:
> Hi,
> As some of you may or may not know, the Win32 release binary of ScummVM 
> opens a console window in addition to the regular one.
> The window basically catches everything directed to stdout. It is 
> something SDL creates and, at the moment, cannot be disabled.
> Should the general user see this window? There are two answers:
> 1) Yes. The developers aren't expected to play-test every game on every 
> platform (Make that just Windows). They potentially encountered more 
> bugs, and generate more warning and error messages. We appriciate their 
> reports.
> 2) No! For one, I'm sick and tired of the users coming to #scummvm 
> reporting on all those generic warnings they're receivings, which don't 
> really represent bugs. Also, some of them receive them but don't report 
> anything back to the developers. They shouldn't be seeing the window at 
> the first place. It probably annoys them.
> It's worthy to note that DOSBox also features such a window. I have no 
> knowledge of other programs.
> Share your thoughts.
> salty-horse
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