[Scummvm-devel] Subtitle speed GUI control

Ori Avtalion oavtal at bezeqint.net
Sat Dec 25 12:25:00 CET 2004


I just submitted a patch that adds a subtitle speed slider to the 
Launcher menues and SCUMM's in-game menu. It controls the talkspeed key 
from the configuration file.

I ran across some serious issues which may require project-wide changes 
before the feature is fully implemented:

(Some of the text from the tracker entry)

* Different engines have different min/max ranges for talkspeed.

What should be done about them?

1) Scale the global [scummvm] value from the config file according to 
the max values of each? There is no linear relation between the values. 
Without the scaling, the key should not exist on that domain.

2) Add different talkspeed keys for each engine?

3) Default talkspeed values for each engine should be added.

Notice the duality here:
base/gameDetector.cpp:150 - defined under #ifndef DISABLE_SCUMM. Should 
be fixed!

4) Configuration file:
Currently, the user can state one global value, and different values for 
each target. Since the talkspeed signifies the same speed for each 
engine, should an engine-specific domain be added? ([scumm], [simon])


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