[Scummvm-devel] PATCH: Explaining the #ifdef

Michael Lauer mickey at tm.informatik.uni-frankfurt.de
Thu Jan 22 09:27:02 CET 2004

I'm one of the Opie (Qtopia fork) and OpenZaurus core developers.
While working on improving libsdl to work better on the new Sharp
Zaurus C7x0/C8x0 series, I came over the following lines in

#if defined(QTOPIA)
// FIXME - why exactly is this needed?
extern "C" int main(int argc, char *argv[]);

The attached patch (against scummvm 0.5.1) fixes that FIXME by providing
a detail explanation.

Cheers and thanks for your great work!


Dipl.-Inf. Michael 'Mickey' Lauer   mickey at tm.informatik.uni-frankfurt.de 
  Raum 10b - ++49 69 798 28358       Fachbereich Informatik und Biologie  
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