[Scummvm-devel] Re: [Scummvm-cvs-logs] CVS: scummvm/backends/midi/mt32 file.cpp, NONE,1.1 file.h,NONE, 1.1 i386.cpp,NONE,1.1 i386.h,NONE,1.1 module.mk, NONE,1.1 mt32emu.h, NONE,1.1 part.cpp,NONE,1.1 part.h,NONE, 1.1 partialManager.cpp,NONE, 1.1 partialManager.h,NONE,1.1 tables.cpp, NONE,1.1 tables.h,NONE, 1.1 partial.cpp,1.4,1.5 partial.h,1.3, 1.4 structures.h,1.4, 1.5 synth.cpp,1.17,1.18 synth.h,1.4, 1.5 mt32.cpp,1.5,NONE

Jerome Fisher ml_scummvm-devel_sourceforge.net at kingguppy.com
Tue Nov 9 11:39:05 CET 2004

Pawel Kolodziejski wrote:

>>There is a problem with the project file (file.cpp is innocent); you can
>>safely remove the entire mt32 directory, since USE_MT32EMU is not
>>defined in the CVS project anyway.
>I didn't know that is needed, previously was not.

It is not needed.

>>1) remove the mt32 folder
>>2) create the folder again
>>3) add all the files in backends/midi/mt32 to it (including
>>freeverb.cpp, which was previously missing)
>I know about freeverb missing, I leave it for later, and do you think that
>I don't know how to add it ?

I was not implying that you did not know how to add it. I was telling
you that the build file is broken, and how to fix it. The important part
of what I was saying is that you must remove the mt32 folder and
recreate it; this will result in a fixed project file.

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