[Scummvm-devel] Request for developer access

Eugene Sandulenko sev at interhack.net
Tue Nov 9 15:28:05 CET 2004

Max Horn writes:
 > So, I have no problems with adding him as a dev, too. Formally, we need 
 > somebody to vouch for him. Eugene, maybe you want to do that? If that's 
 > the case, and if nobody objects, I can add Jerome ASAP.
Yes, I would gladly vouch for him. I think Jerome will be a good
addition to our team. His experience covers some unexplored areas in
our TODO file, and really want to work onthose. Speaking of team work,
there were some problems/inconsistencies with his new MT-32 code,
which we discussed privately, and all of them were quickly resolved
with good communication. So I feel pretty confident vouching for him.


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