[Scummvm-devel] [PATCH] sdloss backend

Marc Haisenko marc at darkdust.net
Sun May 1 09:16:38 CEST 2005

Hi folks,
some time ago (several months, I can't remember when) I've found the SDL 
backend to have sound problems on my system (SuSE 8.2). Back then, I've fixed 
the problem by porting the OSS sound system used in the X11 backend to the 
SDL backend.

Today I've grabbed the current SCUMMVM 0.7.1 release on system, which now is 
updated to SuSE 9.2. With the SDL backend, sound still "stutters" a bit. So 
I've decided to port the OSS sound system from X11 to SDL again, but this 
time in a clean way which you'll find in the attached patch.

This patch does the following things:

- The sound system binding from backend/x11/x11.cpp has been pulled out into
- The X11 backend now uses backend/x11/oss.o
- I've introduced a new virtual backend target for configure called "sdloss",
  which is just the SDL backend with an additional define.
- The SDL backend can now optionally make use of backend/x11/oss.o if the  
  define SDL_USE_OSS is set (which is done via "./configure --backend=sdloss")

I hope you'll find it useful enough to include it in SCUMMVM. Please tell me 
if/what I should tweak to make the patch include-worthy ;-)
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