[Scummvm-devel] copyRectToScreen clipping

Gregory Montoir cyx at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Nov 8 13:24:02 CET 2005


> [...]
>> At the same time, though, I'd still be interested in tracking down  
>> why FT uses a negative height in copyRectToScreen. Out of curiosity,  
>> can you tell me which copyRectToScreen invocation is the one leading  
>> to the crash?
> It's the bottom call in ScummEngine::drawStripToScreen (a more complete 
> backtrace attached below[1]).
> Quickly looking at the code tells me it does atleast some checking, but 
> obviously not enough.

Shouldn't ScummEngine::drawStripToScreen just returns if the 'top'
coordinate is >= (_screenTop + _screenHeight) ? Not sure if that will
really help here, though.

> To reproduce: use bootparam 360, pick the lock, touch the ladder and 
> hide in the shadow. The resulting cutscene will make these calls after 
> the first line of dialogue ("Remain where you--").

This doesn't seem to happen with all FT versions. At least, I've been
unable to reproduce it with my french version.


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