[Scummvm-devel] Loom CD MD5

Lycenhol lycenhol at virgilio.it
Sat Nov 12 01:15:01 CET 2005

There exists a version of Loom CD patched to speech Italian. It works 
with ScummVM 7.1.
Can you add to ScummVM 0.8 please?

Loom Talkie/CDDOS Patched Ita

9006182b8a416b3e92cb7c1c028e5561 *Track1.mp3
b69646f624cf4b703475c3e6ad8574f8 *000.LFL
d37ff219cfa34954b51bf2206f18d74e *Disk01.lec
6642640c52ac20a413d00ca4eb0a7144 *901.LFL
211bb92795b77f5782bcab5ff4cdd9c2 *902.LFL
0c60481ff858c0e8ab136adab5fa5bdc *903.LFL
6b26151489c428be7c45c25a16e7c902 *904.LFL


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