[Scummvm-devel] New website

Max Horn max at abi-lahnstein.de
Sat Nov 12 22:40:00 CET 2005


I was in Sweden so I didn't have a chance to reply to this email in time
(in fact I tried, but less than 24 hours passed between Eugene's Mail and
the website coming online). I do have web access (with webmail) here, but
I only can look at my mails a few minutes in the morning and in the

The front page looks broken right now, with the old log place inside the
new website -- I hope that'll be fixed soon.

I also hope somebody did testing with Safari before the release, too, as
that is a rather widely used browser these days (at least among our OS X
user base), and last time I gave it a try the web page didn't properly
cooperate with it. I won't do this testing myself now as I have rather
more important business to do now.... If nobody else does it I'll do it
once I am back in Germany (although of course it'll be rather late then --
it's now in fact).

Anyway, for the next time, I'd appreciate if we could at least give the
lead devs a chance (let's say, 48 hours?) to see the page and give it a
nod of approval before releasing it (I mean we waited a year, what harm
would another few days have done, hmmm?).


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