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Florian Zeitz florian-zeitz at lycos.de
Sun Nov 13 08:19:05 CET 2005

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Eugene Sandulenko schrieb:
> On Sun, 13 Nov 2005 09:46:52 +0100
> Florian Zeitz <florian-zeitz at lycos.de> wrote:
> Is it official then?
I sign my messages to show they are really from me. Anything wrong with

>>It is not valid HTML 4.01 nor XHTML 1.1 (according to the W3C Markup
>>Validator), so basically you're breaking the license of the W3C valid
> Uh oh.
I know this can happen and is nothing really evil.
I just wanted to point it out, no reason to be offended or anything.

> First. Only main page is not compliant and that was just because of one
>  minor error. All other pages passed the check.
Okay admittedly I didn't look very cloesly at it, but a DOCTYPE like
this left me wondering about the overall quality of the HTML, no offense.

> Second. Old page was in much worse shape that new ones. I.e. first
>  page was compliant, so are most of other, but several pages were
>  broken (up to 10 errors). I know because I had to fix them. Nobody
>  complained about it. You may still check them at
>  http://www.scummvm.org/old/
I know that, but back then everybody kind of admitted the page was a
mess (having tags sometimes upper- sometimes lowercase and all). Now
that the page is brand new, I thought it was worth pointing out it's not
completely valid, so that it's not a mess from the beginning and is for
that reason much less likely to become a mess.

> Third. I was very tired yesterday night and want to take a nap. You
>  accuse me like I refused for several weeks or even months to fix it,
>  thus deliberately "breaking the license".
I can very well understand this. It's not like I wanted to accuse you of
anything and breaking the license was not really my point. I'm actually
more concerned about the validity of the page, because I care about such
things especially when I care about a project and this is the case with

> Anyway, it is fixed now.
Hope everybody is happy then...

> Eugene

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