[Scummvm-devel] Nice results with the latest svn..

Lars Persson larspp at spray.se
Wed Apr 12 03:45:02 CEST 2006

Well.. firstly.. I am mostly using two different mailservices which both defaults to MHTML. 

Now both hotmail and the one I am using with this reply, have one big drawback, that is when MHTML is beeing sent, no plain/text part of the email is beeing sent, but only the MHTML part. 

Now I am not sure what the RFC says if its mandatory to sent out plain/text parts when mailing MHTML, but sadly lots of new mailservices only support MHTML or does n't support the plain/text properly when sending MHTML so if your email reader only supports plain text, then you would have a problem.

So do the ScummVM team have a recommendation of what email type which should be used?

br Lars

--> Text as plain text
 Hi! I have just been testing the latest stuff out off svn with queen and gob and it seems like everything is going in the right direction at least in the terms of speed.


I must say that it was some time since I saw Queen and Gob intros/games running as fast and smooth on my P910 as it is doing right now, and that is really nice to see.


Keep up all the good work. :-) Looking forward to a 0.9.0 release. 


br Lars


> Från: David Weinehall <tao at debian.org>
> Till: Lars Persson <larspp at spray.se>
> Rubrik: Re: [Scummvm-devel] Nice results with the latest svn..
> Datum: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 11:12:39 +0200

> Doesn't your mail-client support real (non-html) e-mail?
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