[Scummvm-devel] Configuration domains

Lars Persson larspp at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 20 02:30:06 CEST 2006

Hi again!
>>I just noticed that my porting was n't quite done with all the latest
>>changes that have happened to the backends. Well, everything seems to
>>working quite ok now, but I have one small question.
>>The configuration-managment will need domains for specific  settings, and 
>>noticed that the available domains is either set in the engines or  in the
>Note quite. There exists only the app domain, the transient domain,  and 
>everything else -- which are game engines. No outside code can  just add 
>another "special" domain. If you just add a "symbian"  domain, it'll be 
>treated like a game domain!
Well I noticed that. It crashed, since my domain was n't a game domain. :-D
>>Now to my question. How and where should I add my own domain.
>That's timing :). I just removed support for global domain a few days  ago 
>because nobody used it... <sigh>.

Well, that is ok. I noticed that all settings should have a domain 
specified, and of course every one should be compliant with that. And as 
long as I put the settings in the appropriate domain everything should be 
fine I guess. :-)

>We can discuss re-adding port specific domains, but this time,  
>differently. We can designate some domains as "special" in the config  
>manager, i.e. they won't be added to the list of games domains.  However, 
>code will have to specifically query these domains to access  them, no 
>overriding via the game domains -- else we get into a  "precedence hell" 
>(if a key is present in three global domains, which  value to use? If the 
>key value is *set*, where to store it?, etc.).

Yes, thats why I wanted my own domain for my own settings, so I would n't 
clash with some other domain setting. But as for key configs, I guess those 
would just be present for the app domain anyway.

>>I would like to have a config domain called symbian for Symbian  specific
>>configurations, such as key settings etc, and I would guess that if  every
>>port would add its own domain in the config-manager files, it would  
>>quite clumsy in the end.
>How many people move a single config file between multiple computers  with 
>different OSes all the time, I wonder? I'd not worry about those  much, 

Well.. I thought about the cpp file beeing riddled with alot of #ifdef 
PLATFORM for different domains. But as you said, platform specific domains 
could be added in a different form than it has been before.

>>All comments are welcome. Right now I am adding my keysettings in the
>>application domain, but don't think that is appropriate in the long  run.
>Why exactly do you think that? (This is not a rhetoric question)

Well.. I just thought that the app domain should be some kind of private. 
But of course, if for example keysettings would be an appropriate  to put in 
the app domain, then I will continue to do so, and thus keep things as 
simple as possible.


br Lars

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