[Scummvm-devel] scummvm 0.8.1?

Tore Anderson tore at debian.org
Mon Jan 30 15:39:01 CET 2006

* Max Horn

> Nah, we won't remove you from the credits list -- rather, we probably
> should put you under "Former Debian maintainer" or so, and David as  
> "Current Debian maintainer" (well, something along the lines at
> least :-).

  Well, I certainly won't refuse the honour of being mentioned in an
 emeritus section of the authors file.  :-)  But if you're going to make
 such a section I think that Bastien Nocera also would deserve an entry
 there;  he made the initial package and maintained it throughout 2002
 before I adopted it.

> Tore, thanks a lot for everything you did for us!

  A pleasure.  Wasn't much work, though, as it's always easy when you
 don't have to grapple with a non-responsive or difficult upstream.  :-)

Tore Anderson, off to play Kyrandia for the first time

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