[Scummvm-devel] scummvm.desktop

Laurent Blume laurent at elanor.org
Fri Oct 20 22:30:18 CEST 2006

Max Horn a écrit :
> Not quite. Those translations, at least those I understand  
> sufficiently well, aren't quite OK.

Agreed. Thanks for the feedback :-)

> The german one was translated to literally. Translated back, it says:  
> "A machine/motor for classic adventure games". Short descriptions  
> like these just don't work well when the translator sticks to close  
> to the original text. I believe that several of the other  
> translations suffer from the same problem -- but my limited language  
> skills may have mislead me there.

No, you're quite right. I guess I tried to stick too much to the website 
description, I should have been more imaginative!

> But IMO even the english desc isn't too god. Nor is the one found in  
> our current scummvm.desktop file:
> Comment=Interpreter for several adventure games
> Comment[pl]=Interpreter graficznych gier przygodowych
> Most users will be confused by the "Interpreter" part. So will the  
> current descript: "An engine for ... games"... hu? SO I can create  
> games with it? Or what? Is it an add-on ?

Yes, I should have said that's why I started it again in the first place :-)

> How about something like this:
> Comment=Allows playing certain classic graphical adventure games on  
> modern computers
> Comment[de]=Zum spielen vieler alter graphischer Adventures auf  
> modernen Rechnern

I think your suggestion is very good:
"Allows playing many classic graphical adventure games on modern computers"

>   In any case, some native speaker should probably fine-tune the  
> english version ;-)

It looks ok(I checked in a dictionary, just in case ;-)
And believe me, it's not easy to translate "classic graphical" in French 
and have it sound good...

Thanks again, I'll put my friends to work again!


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