[Scummvm-devel] Framebuffer

Sven Hesse drmccoy at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Oct 23 14:30:22 CEST 2006

> Likewise, any comments from engine authors... How would this affect  
> you?

The Gob-Engine implements a double-buffer and blits dirty areas between
the front- and backbuffer anyway, so I'd have to either remove that and
do lockScreen()/unlockScreen() around each draw operation in
VGAVideoDriver (might cause graphic glitches, the cursor visibility for
example depends on that (and that's why that is still wrong in a few
cases after changing it to use the CursorManager)) or keep it and just
convert the frontbuffer usage to the new system (not much speed change
then, I think)...

So long
	Sven (not dead yet, just been busy with RL lately ;))
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