[Scummvm-devel] Google Summer of Code

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Sun Mar 4 23:56:09 CET 2007

Hi folks,

luckily the Wiki is back up today and we were able to resume working  
on our SoC application. But we need you help! Please read this and  
try to help at least in some way:

0) We are planning with coming Wednesday as deadline -- i.e. we want  
to submit our publication that day. If we don't make it, we still  
have several days left, but we really would prefer to be ready  

1) We need people (esp. native speakers) to proof read the content of  
<http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/OpenTasks>. And once it's done,  
also for the other pages, esp. for the application. We want to make a  
good impression after all.

2) We really could need more people acting as mentors. Right now we  
have Eugene, Kostas and me. Eugene and me are willing to mentor up to  
two students, more would be a problem given that we also have jobs  
etc.. Now, of course we don't even know whether we get into the SoC  
program, and even if, we might only be allocated <=6 students anyway  
-- but it still would be nice to at least have some backup mentors  
(plus, I'd not be unhappy if I only had one student to mentor :).
Requirements are: You must understand the ScummVM code sufficiently  
(in particular you must be a coder :), be able to communicate with  
the students and effectively guide them -- and you might have to  
write a report on them at some point (yeah, annoying, I don't like it  
either, but it's not *that* difficult -- and I am willing to mentor  
the mentors on this part, so you are not alone *g*)

3) Porters -- if you have any ideas for projects/tasks, add them now,  
or not. And of course everybody else is welcome to suggest further  
suitable tasks, too.

In closing, let me mention that we are considering to post a news  
items on our website & the forums, and maybe in other places, about  
our SoC application. The idea is to attract students to our cause  
(even though we do not even know whether we will make the cut).  
Rationale: If we make it, more people will be aware of us and apply  
to work for us. And if we don't make it, we still might be lucky  
enough to get some people seriously working on some of the listed tasks.


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