[Scummvm-devel] New Release (aka 0.11.0)?

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Sat Nov 17 09:39:40 CET 2007

Am 17.11.2007 um 00:42 schrieb Marcus Comstedt:

> "Paul Gilbert" <paulfgilbert at gmail.com> writes:
>> Thanks for letting me know - I did a visual inspection of the code  
>> and was
>> able to find a single line in the startup decoding of some  
>> animations that
>> would have caused the problems; although of course there may still  
>> be others.
>> On a general note, is there any convenient way on a PC to do  
>> testing for
>> endian safeness? How have others dealt with it when creating the  
>> other
>> engines?
> You can use qemu to run e.g. PPC or SPARC binaries on a PC, although
> performance won't be all too great of course.
> You could also get a PS3, which is big endian.  :-)

Or get a used PowerPC mac, they are still not cheap, but affordable,  
and even an older G4 model (Laptop or desktop) should be sufficient).

We dealt with it in the past by having many porters who test the  
engines and help fixing bugs. Note that I already commited endian  
fixes to the lure engine in the past. But of course sometimes you  
need a more intimate knowledge of the engine to properly fix stuff.


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